Legged Planter

Legged Planter

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Options (Long Legs - £30, Short Legs - £28)

White 3D printed planter with a Scandinavian feel, with either long or short legs to keep your house plants healthy! The tall legged planter is perfect for plants that grow and trail down the side of their pots like vines, devils ivy and string of pearls. The short looks amazing with echeveria, crassula and also trailing plants when put on a shelf to cascade down.

This is Nilli's take on the classic mid-century modern plant stand. The unique ribbed texture of the planter is great to the touch, and is complimented by the beautiful beech legs that are held within the pot without any glue or fasteners.

This product is waterproof - this makes sure that when watering your plants your surfaces aren't damp from spillage. It is for use indoors primarily, as the beech legs are unsealed.

Pot size suitable: up to 102mm diameter and 85mm height