Cork Yoga Mat

Cork Yoga Mat

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Yatay Yoga Mats are crafted and designed for the most effective yoga practice. Each mat is made by carefully combining recycled rubber (TPE) which forms the underside, and a grippy top layer of 100% Natural and Organic Cork.

This unique combination of materials means that the mats are good to the environment, good for the environment as they are completely recyclable, and great for your body.

The cork is incredibly grippy, even when wet. The rubber is dense, light weight and supportive for cushioned and happy bones and joints. Compromising on your experience isn’t really our thing.

As part of the natural and organic construction and design of our class-leading Yoga Mats, we used precision laser engraving for the palm tree logo which represents Yatay Yoga. A level of detail reflected throughout the entire design and production process.

Size: 183cm Long x 61cm Wide x 5mm Thick

Materials – Super Grippy 6P Free TPE (recycled rubber) and 100% Organic and Natural cork.