Materia Rica


Marta + Joan -Materia Rica

We are Marta and Joan, the founders of Materia Rica, and both of us are art enthusiasts. Our brand was born by the Thames in the district of Shoreditch in East London. Its busy streets, its one thousand and one museums, its artists’ markets and its street art awoke our appetite for creation.

In 2010 I gathered my brushes and started to design pendants and earrings. I used to sell them in the Brick Lane market and it was there where I discovered handcraft, a movement that captivated me and which stands for more sustainable types of production and consumption.( Marta Chojnacka / @Chojnacka)

Then it was my turn; thanks to my passion for technology, I found a way to put it at the service of Marta’s collections, always preserving the artistic and artisan value of each of her creations, and I succeeded! ( Joan Ayguadé Jarque )

And so, our brand Materia Rica was born and within it we create necklaces, earrings and different types of objects in our workshop in Barcelona.
Our main purpose is to make beauty accessible with each of our pieces, so that you can enjoy art everyday and express yourself through it.