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Strange, Secret, Sacred..


Maria Moraru

Maria Moraru is an artist, music composer, singer and pianist originally from Romania, now living in London, U.K. 

Maria has been active as a musician for most of her life, as a composer of contemporary classical music ( Modulus Quartet, UK), singer ( Mediaeval Baebes latest album, UK; Adam Barber film music, USA), as well as film music composer for Ruah Edelstein (USA), and Gabi Achim (Romania)  amongst others.Passionate about her spiritual poetry, mysticism  and the Rumi tarot, Maria put together a set of cards   unlike anything else on the market, the Strange Secret Sacred Love Cards. The set combines own art,  music, writing , including  poetic quotes from personal correspondence,  and functions as  an oracle poetry card deck  via six different Love Seasons: Wholeness, Crossroads, Separation, Isolation, Escapism and Growth . The card set takes you on  a Love-inspired emotional journey, providing you with a new tool for introspection, reflection and artistic inspiration.