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Clarinda Tannous - Kins Craftings

A nature loving Aussie who moved to London in 2017, I was looking for something more in line with my core values and aspirations. Before arriving, I was starting to find that my regular 9 - 5 job was vastly unfulfilling and I was increasingly dealing with anxiety to the point where it became debilitating, so wanted to take the opportunity of moving across the world to attempt a different routine. Deciding to let out my creative side which I’d been suppressing for so many years because ‘real life’ got in the way, I ordered a book online and taught myself to macrame, as well as to make dreamcatchers which I’ve spent a lifetime admiring. Being able to start with something as simple as rope and work it into something beautiful, functional or both is so therapeutic and fulfilling and sharing all of that warms my spirit.