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Giles Craig + Soji Adamo - BODI products

Our current hibiscus product range stems from knowledge of old worldly remedies, widely known for their many health benefits and promotion of well-being, making bodi products the ideal choice for the ever-growing conscientious consumer.  

Our ethos is one of sustainable product excellence, delivering only the highest quality produce, using ethically sourced and organic raw materials wherever possible.  

                      "Old and worldly remedies for a new millennium"

Giles Craig  

An entrepreneur in his teens, Our MD had built a record shop with its own wholesale import and export distribution network throughout Europe by the age of 21. A charismatic visionary, multifaceted in the arts, music and media with ten years’ experience in SEN education and behavioural therapy, he brings a wealth of life experience to the table. It was his mother’s recipe of the HiT that began the journey which is now bodi Products.   

Soji Adamo 

As a larger than life persona, an entrepreneur and a business owner, having created such companies as UKBL Ltd business directory and XPO Africa in his time, Soji has triumphed in different sales marketing and media arenas for more than 25 years. His management skills have helped build corporate organisations at the highest level. Soji’s experience range from advertising sales in print and on air, to IT services and products. He now relishes the new challenge of making bodi Products and HiT the number one out there.