Celestine Cheong is an international touch rugby (Touch) player and one of Europe’s leading female Touch referees. Her passion for sport stems from her childhood growing up in Singapore and Scotland where she was a silver medallist in the Tag Heuer Mountain Bike Championships in 1994 and 1995 and Fettes College’s swimming captain in 1997. As a former scientist, her attention to detail is realised in the brand’s development.

Just FIT aims to solve the problems inherent to sports undergarments like poor fitting, durability and odour control issues that can turn a good workout suddenly bad. So that you get the best workout, our stuff has been tried and tested again and again by elite athletes.


From concept to creation, natural fibres and yarns are paired with certified space technology for a reason. Designed in London, built and then field-tested, feedback is continually applied until we get it right. The relentless pursuit of perfection means our garments have that technical edge so they’re better suited to today’s modern surroundings.


We break boundaries. We believe in evolution. We make underwear that works as hard as you do.

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