Who's on the Veganuary trip?

Some people start the year with going dry for January while some people vow to get off sugar, others swear they’re going to be the best versions of themselves, backed up my media and society’s claims that 2019 is THE year of New year, New you; most of which ends in misery before the months out..

However I do find that if you set Intentions and are well aware of your why, then the how really doesn’t matter..

For example, a lot of good friends and strangers feel compelled to share their food and lifestyle choices with me ( because I’m a yogi?) informing me proudly that they’re going plant based and have some profound reasons, intentions driving that goal. So I know without a doubt that come January 31st, they’ll be smooth sailing into February with the same intention of staying meat free purely because they’re reasons/ intentions are crystal clear; ie their why is big enough so the how doesn’t matter!

For me personally, going Vegan is first and foremost for the benefit of the Environment'‘s Wellness, there’s enough documented evidence out there proving that cows alone with their methane emissions contribute to close to 16% of global carbon emissions.

Methane emissions from cattle get more attention because methane is 28 times (PDF) more potent at trapping heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide over a 100-year time frame.

In Brazil alone, a country with more cattle than people and the second largest beef producing nation in the world, methane emissions from beef cattle accounted for 21 percent and transportation represented 20 percent of that nation’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2015, 

More reasons why going Vegan for January does contribute to sustainability and planet wellness can be found here; https://veganuary.com/why/environment/

Closer to home though in South East London, wanted to share that one of my favourite creative Artisans Rickard Daun, creator of the notoriously good Black Humus, is hosting a scrumptious Vegan board this Saturday the 19th at the Bottle Bar and Shop in Catford. For more info and bookings check out


He’ll be fusing his signature dishes of experimental Scandinavian meets the Mediterranean sure to leave you drooling for more..

Gone are the days when Vegans are pale, pasty hippies living on margerita pizzas and celery sticks.. Veganism is here to stay and if the success of 2018 is anything to go by then you’ll see this as a movement with major cause to it, not just a tanatalising trend.

Let us know how you go with your Vegan journey, do share any recipes or new restaurants that you rate so we can also check out!